Who Are We.

Hooga is an infrastructure startup backed by Infrastructure veterans. Founders of the company have graduated from top US and India universities and has worked for fortune companies in USA and India. We have capability and capacity to execute all nature of projects like roads and bridges. We at Hooga are committed to serve our clients (mainly central and state governments), by understanding their needs and providing relevant solutions. We value our relationship with our clients. Integrity is the driving value in all that we do. We value our customer's time and drive our self to on-time project completion. We as a company are focused on integrating resources and adapting ourselves to demands of the job. Commitment to on time delivery is the driving force for all the decision of the company. We believe in exploring and adapting new technology to achieve efficiency and on time execution. We innovate new solutions to suit the needs of our client.

Our Latest Projects.

We are building a ROB near Jaipur as our first project.